Why is it always the people that you love..........

Why is it always the people that you love that experience "tragedy" in their lives.

Let me explain.
I have a friend, he is 61 years old. He is a real friend. The word friend I not use often, it is special. It has nothing to do with love, it is friendship. Undefinied, no complexes and unconditional.

About 1 year ago they diagnosed cancer. His world fall apart. he is a healthy man. Play tennis 3 to 4 times a week. Sold his company, no need to work, only enjoy the pleasure things in life. Became a granddaddy, proud of his grandchildren, and then ........

Chemotherapie followed, destroyed his legs. He could hardly walk after the treatment. But he is purely optimistic person. He fought back, could walk again, could ride bycicle again, and even we played tennis together at the end of july.

It was a little miracle, no it was a big miracle. I go on holiday, and was busy. Busy with my private life, and busy with my business life. Did not talk to him for 4 weeks. Monday I spoke to his daughter at the tennis-club. She told me the cancer came back. Her father in despair, totally depressed, frightened, what will be.

This morning I visited him, apoligized for the long time of no contact, he said: no problem. I said: it is problem. I am busy, very busy, but it does not give me the right not to call you to ask how you are. We talked. Monday he will go into the scan again and friday sept 11th. he will get the result.

And both he and I are prepared to the worst-case-scenario.............

Yesterday she sends sms to me:
U-fff... All is good. We are in the policlinic now. Because this woman said in the end that my son has problems with renales (I don't know how to say in English, it is latyn). And I also have problems! I never had before! I am not believe, but I want to check. Have a nice evening. I love you.

I replied immidieately: please inform me about your problems and if all is oké. It was 17.45 my time. No reply, no sms. I worried. Is she still in the policlinic? Did the docter find something bad?

Called to her girlfriend 2 times. Finally her girlfriend send sms to me that all is oké (21.18).

I had to wait 3,5 hours for an answer.

Is it so strange that I worry...........?

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2009-09-03 в 17:21 

Now I understand how important to you was small sms....