Yesterday I fired him. At the end of the day I asked him to come to my office and I informed him that his contract would not be extended.

He did not say so much. He understood, and that is just the reason why I have no faith in him. Come on, say something, be angry, be happy, shout, cry, but please say something. Nothing, silent, maybe on the point of a little mental breakdown.

I told him that I would inform the rest of the team friday-morning at the coffee and that he could decide if he would be at 08.00 in the office and listen to my anouncement or that he would come a little bit later so he no need to listen to the anouncement.

He said: I will be there. I said: Good, I think you should be there at 08.00 so you can also give your own statement and point of view.

He was not in the office and I was so sure that I made the right decision. It was absolutely clear for me again that he has no guts. That he is a "child" of 26 who does not want to face reality and cannot face the people he has been working with for almost 1,5 years and be a man and listen to the anouncement.

I pitty him, not because I care about him, I care the company's future, It is my first priority, but I pitty because how is this boy going to survive in the real world out there.

Finally he came in and it was really embarresing what he did. We have two entrances in our office. One entrance is at the front and then you pass my office. The other entrance is at the warehouse and you not pass my office. He entered the building through this entrance and he did not walk to my office to say Goodmorning.

How childish a grown-up man can be ????!!!!

Now I lost all my respect for him. GROW UP please !!!!!

And the funny thing is that while I am writing this story, that I know that she will read this story, and she will see many many parellels to a man she also knows ..........

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