What shall I write.............

What shall I write?

I do not know. I not have any new ideas. I did not have any reply on my logistic-questions, nobody wants to help me (ha ha). No, it is just that I not have anything specific to write about.

Of course, my schedule for my trips is almost finished. I will leave for China on friday sept 11th. Will work with my customer 4 days. Then will stay another 4 days in the office and I will fly back on monday sept. 21st. to my lovely country.

The second trip will be a couple of days later and this trip, of course, is on a personal level much more important. No need to explain why.

Holidays are ending, customers coming back to their offices and we are already working for spring / summer 2010 and as always we have no idea what it will be. What will we put in collection, what will we choose. All is possible in accessories. the only thing I know that we are not sure how our business will develop for the next year. Within 1 month I have to make my budget for 2010 again.

I have to make decision about one collegue to stay or to fire him. I think I will fire him. he is not sure about himselve, he shows no initiative, does not remember procedures (even when he wrote them down himselve on paper). Why waste more energy to teach him. He is working now 1 year and 3 months in our office. He is 26 years old, will turn 27 in oktober and I wonder if he even got laid (with a girl then) one time in his life. So, in my mind decision has been taken, and I only have to inform him about it. And then of course the search for a new employee. And that is maybe the most difficult part. Yes the labour-situation at this moment is "oké", but also we must to spend much much time in learning a new collegue all procedures.

And then the Rose. She is busy also today. Just receive sms from her. With her son she is doing many many plans now. Problaby she is outside to some government-office to settle some questions about her work, and I will patiently wait our talking later today, because she will call me later.

So, that's all for now, if something interesting will happen and I want to write it down in my blog I will do it.

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2009-08-26 в 14:53 

Nobody could help you with your logistical question as that actions of the supplier are absolutely illogical.