Finally decided to go home yesterday around 15.00. I did not want to stay in the office. It was 32 degrees, and at home there was nobody so I could quietly work at home and wait her message.

Just 3 minutes in my old car (VW Beetle - 1973) and the phone rings. She called from skype. How are you? Where are you? I said I was on my way home, but I will be alone at home so we can quietly skype. How coincendence!!!

Arrived home connected the computer (we have wireless at home so I can sit any place I want). Then we called. She looked tired and not so happy. First she cleaned her living room, camera on, could follow every step. She showed the clothes she bought for herselve, her sons. Coat with fur, boots, yellow coat. She was happy with her new clothes.

Then we talked face to face. Of course talked about the situation at home. Difficult, still. Husband still not understand what the attitude is. Still trying to touch her when she insists she NOT want. It makes her nervous, not relaxed and I can see it in her eyes. Disagreement about champaign, how much, when and with whom to drink.

Son arrives at home. She closes the door to the living room, son must wait in his room/the hall (ha ha, good solution), so we can quietly say goodbye to eachother. We wish eachother good evening, already goodnight also, just in case.....

20.40 She sends sms with her new phonenbr. I call her back, I am still alone. Talk little, she is happy. Best friend comes in the car with sons. It is funny, friend knows all (and supports), but children not know, so I ask question and say words and she only say Da Da Da. I know this situation. It is funny. We both know how to play the game. Finally: Paka Paka.

Mind at rest, relaxed for the evening and wait her next call. Now she can send sms anytime she wants, no need to be afraid the company (or husband) can check the record. The world becomes a little bit smaller and more open for us now.

At night fall asleep, difficult to get to sleep, temperature is high. To high to sleep and much to high for.....!

02.00 Vibrating phone, sms, go downstairs, from her, it is safe to reply. I do, small reply, with all feeling in it. She problaby continus to sleep quietly and I, I go upstairs, look at my girlfriend who sleeps, and I think...............

What do I think................?

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