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Yesterday I fired him.......

Yesterday I fired him. At the end of the day I asked him to come to my office and I informed him that his contract would not be extended.

He did not say so much. He understood, and that is just the reason why I have no faith in him. Come on, say something, be angry, be happy, shout, cry, but please say something. Nothing, silent, maybe on the point of a little mental breakdown.

I told him that I would inform the rest of the team friday-morning at the coffee and that he could decide if he would be at 08.00 in the office and listen to my anouncement or that he would come a little bit later so he no need to listen to the anouncement.

He said: I will be there. I said: Good, I think you should be there at 08.00 so you can also give your own statement and point of view.

He was not in the office and I was so sure that I made the right decision. It was absolutely clear for me again that he has no guts. That he is a "child" of 26 who does not want to face reality and cannot face the people he has been working with for almost 1,5 years and be a man and listen to the anouncement.

I pitty him, not because I care about him, I care the company's future, It is my first priority, but I pitty because how is this boy going to survive in the real world out there.

Finally he came in and it was really embarresing what he did. We have two entrances in our office. One entrance is at the front and then you pass my office. The other entrance is at the warehouse and you not pass my office. He entered the building through this entrance and he did not walk to my office to say Goodmorning.

How childish a grown-up man can be ????!!!!

Now I lost all my respect for him. GROW UP please !!!!!

And the funny thing is that while I am writing this story, that I know that she will read this story, and she will see many many parellels to a man she also knows ..........

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What shall I write.............

What shall I write?

I do not know. I not have any new ideas. I did not have any reply on my logistic-questions, nobody wants to help me (ha ha). No, it is just that I not have anything specific to write about.

Of course, my schedule for my trips is almost finished. I will leave for China on friday sept 11th. Will work with my customer 4 days. Then will stay another 4 days in the office and I will fly back on monday sept. 21st. to my lovely country.

The second trip will be a couple of days later and this trip, of course, is on a personal level much more important. No need to explain why.

Holidays are ending, customers coming back to their offices and we are already working for spring / summer 2010 and as always we have no idea what it will be. What will we put in collection, what will we choose. All is possible in accessories. the only thing I know that we are not sure how our business will develop for the next year. Within 1 month I have to make my budget for 2010 again.

I have to make decision about one collegue to stay or to fire him. I think I will fire him. he is not sure about himselve, he shows no initiative, does not remember procedures (even when he wrote them down himselve on paper). Why waste more energy to teach him. He is working now 1 year and 3 months in our office. He is 26 years old, will turn 27 in oktober and I wonder if he even got laid (with a girl then) one time in his life. So, in my mind decision has been taken, and I only have to inform him about it. And then of course the search for a new employee. And that is maybe the most difficult part. Yes the labour-situation at this moment is "oké", but also we must to spend much much time in learning a new collegue all procedures.

And then the Rose. She is busy also today. Just receive sms from her. With her son she is doing many many plans now. Problaby she is outside to some government-office to settle some questions about her work, and I will patiently wait our talking later today, because she will call me later.

So, that's all for now, if something interesting will happen and I want to write it down in my blog I will do it.

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Saturday, the weekend, and then.....

Saturday, start of the weekend for most people. Not for me (not for her also). I always work on the saturday-morning. It is quiet in the office. No phonecalls, not so many e-mails, can do some necessary paperwork, private work, etc etc.

I always drink coffee, read the newspaper, download some music, surf on the internet, etc. etc.

I like it, it is convenient, relaxed and quiet.

And of course, I wait her call. She called at 08.00. She was late. She told me yesterday-evening she would wake-up at 04.00 her time, but she decided to stay asleep for 2 more hours as sleep was much more needed then the work on the computer.

So, at 06.18 I received her sms. She knows that if she wakes-up at 04.00 all is quiet in the house and he will not disturb her. So, you can guess waht happened when she woke-up at 06.00. Her husband also wake-up. She asked for coffee, he prepared the tea (minor detail, does not matter). Again he tried to touch her, but of course no result ..... Annoying it is, why a man cannot understand the situation. She said me: he does not understand my actions, so he also not understand my words. It is simple.

Yes, of course it is simple, but also it is irritating, annoying, makes the atmosphere unpleasure. Why sometimes men are so stupid that they simply not understand that NO = NO and that the situation is as it is.

We talked, more then 1 hour. No moments of silence (only when we must think about answer or dig in the deep memory of our lifes). And that is what is so beautiful about our talks. Never a dull moment, never a silence (also because the noise in the bus is loud, ha, ha). Always a subject to discuss. Today we talke about the past, about history of our lifes. I mean to say, I asked and she told. And she talks quietly, with reason, with thinking, with simple and clear explanation. And I listen, patiently to her story, and sometimes ask the question. Always trying to explain how some things are in my life, or how my history was. But today she talked only about her history, we not talk about my history. Later we will do. We have so much to say to eachother that there will be no dull moment on the phone.

Now she is waiting her husband. he will come to her shop to pick her up. Fortunately her sons will also be there. it is more safe for her. In most lifes the mother protect the sons, always, it is nature. In her life also, she protects her children, but the children not know that they are also a big protection for her. They do not know it, they do not realise it. Later in many years when the sons are older, maybe she will explain to them how important they are in her life, more important then they realise now ............

I am finished with my working and writing day. I will go home now, to my children, enjoy the saturday, or what's left of it. I MUST to buy the dictionary today. The score is already 4 - 0 in favor of her. The language-battle is continueing. I am behind, I will behind, but even if I am behind her in this battle, I am ready to be in the locomotief. Fysically she will be behind me then, but in the language-battle I will always be behind.

You win honey, I accept defeat already, but I will fight, so the defeat will be small ...........

You win honey, with your voice, your smile, your eyes and your crazy-ideas. How pretty is your victory, how humble I accept defeat. How nice that the winner and looser will always be equal in the end......................

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Logica in logistics

Somebody must to explain this to me:

A = supplier
B = importer
C = customer

Price development:
A = 1,00
B = 1,20
C = 3,00

We are B (importer).

Today received e-mail from supplier.

Supplier said: We (supplier) will not do business with you (importer) anymore, because you (importer) work directly with our customer..............

Can anybody explain the logic to me..................??

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